I hope it gives you hell

I am actively boycotting the Point (KPNT, 105.7FM).

On Wednesday morning I got in my car to hear Woody & Rizzuto talking smack about fat girls. Not all fat people, just fat girls. And I’m still pissed the fuck off.

At the time, I was deeply offended and immediately turned the station.

I flipped back at one point and they were making excuses. That they were using names that we’ve heard before. That it was something we should be used to. JUST BECAUSE WE’VE FUCKING HEARD IT DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY. It’s still wrong, it’s still insulting, and it STILL manages to alienate a lot of your listeners.

You’ve done it before. It’s not okay to rail against any subsection of the population just because of appearance. I am TIRED of fat being an acceptable prejudice to have. I am tired of your bullshit. I am tired of people like you, with even a marginal amount of influence in the general population, propagating the impression that it’s okay to dislike someone because of their weight. That it’s fine to denigrate a fat girl because she’s fat. It pisses me off that you and your fucking stupid-ass male callers think that it’s fine to say derogatory things about fat girls.

There’s a reason the people texting were pissed, you know, the ones you pushed aside to make way for the guy who suggested that fat girls were sad and desperate for love. It’s not okay to use derogatory names for fat girls JUST BECAUSE IT’S BEEN DONE IN THE PAST. I mean, if that’s the new rule, why don’t you start using some racial slurs that were popular in the past and see how quickly you get your ass kicked. That is not okay and neither is this.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, guys, but there are a lot of fat girls in St. Louis. I’d wager a guess that a lot of them like the music that gets played on the Point. And you’ve managed to alienate a good part of your market now. I know we’re not your demographic, but the fact is that we’re out here listening anyway.

Don’t think that a fat girl can’t kick your ass for this bullshit. Because we can and, given the chance, we will.

I’ve been listening since the Point came on the air in 1993 and now I’m done. I’ll take my ears to a station that doesn’t belittle my existence just because I’m carrying around a few extra pounds.


4 thoughts on “I hope it gives you hell

  1. As another girl who is overweight (but hot anyway :)), I support what you’ve said here and I think there’s just no good reason to keep saying it on the radio. All it’s doing is making some people feel badly, and I’m just guessing that thin people are not falling out of their chair left and right laughing at fat girl jokes and probably would not feel slighted or suffer if their comedy routines concentrated elsewhere.

    But I don’t think the station is ever going to give a shit until enough people write in to protest. They are all about ratings, and if they know enough people are annoyed by it, they will stop.

  2. I hope you sent this to the Point; and I also hope you send this to their advertisers (esp. of the Woody show).

  3. I also agree with everything you said in your post. I wonder what these guys look like. Are they perfectly physically fit and startlingly handsome? I doubt it seriously.

    I would guess that they are flabby chair jocks that have bigger mouths than brains. And I’ll bet the circumference of their beer guts rival that of their scrawny geek shoulders. It is easy for them to let their stupidity and cowardliness fly out of their mouths when they are spewing this shit in the confines of a radio studio.

    If I were you, I would find out when they plan to be radio jockeying at the next public function and I would rally every woman you can gather to stage a very loud and informative (but peaceful) protest of the station and these jockeys in particular. Send flyers to any of the local weight-loss clinics and super markets and see what kind of a response you get. Make large posters with quotes these prejudiced bastards made on this show and protest right in front of the radio station headquarters. Raise hell!

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