Finally divided by a word so undecided

A couple days ago I was listening to the radio* on the way to work (as I usually do) and they had a trivia question that resulted in revealing that 50% of guys won’t date a girl who has a tattoo.

I don’t know in what context the question was asked or even who the respondents were, but that seems high, especially given the number of tattooed girls there are out there today.

Naturally, my inclination was to poll the people on twitter and facebook about it and see if this was, in fact, true.

This generated a lot of discussion, but oddly enough there weren’t a lot of guys who answered. There was one who messaged me privately on twitter and said that he thought they were sometimes sexy, so that’s one answer. Some of my favorite responses follow:



From facebook, Annie says: there’ll be a lot of lonely guys out there then, because there are A LOT of women with tattoos in the dating generation now! I agree, seems extreme.

Other than the private response, the only guys who responded are guys who are with girls who have tattoos, so that doesn’t really answer the question.

What are your thoughts?

*Of course now I can’t stand to listen to those guys because they were insulting chubby girls this morning. Seriously, if I meet either of you in a dark alley, it’s ON. I haven’t been working out and doing strength training for nothing. I’m pretty sure I could take you.


One thought on “Finally divided by a word so undecided

  1. as rachel said, the ones in that 50% are the ones you wouldn’t want to date. but i agree, 50% sounds REALLY high.

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