shed some light on me please

I’m in that place that many of us have been lately – when I have time to write, there’s nothing to write about & when I have stuff to write about I don’t have the time.

So, instead of something coherent & such, a bunch of random dotty bits.

  • On the knitting front, I’ve had a bit of cast-on-itis lately. My yarn stash keeps beckoning me to start new project. I’m trying not to listen to it, but have been unsuccessful so far. I have 4 pair of socks, 2 scarves, a shawl, a baby gift, a pair of fingerless mitts, & a rug (originally for the kitchen, but now I’m thinking bathroom) on the needles, not to mention the charity crochet projects that have been stagnant. Luckily I’m done with classes for the summer after next Thursday, so I can hopefully get more knitting time in without feeling guilty for not doing my homework instead.
  • The gym. *sigh*. I had a rough week on the gym front mostly owing to getting sick on Tuesday & Wednesday so that I couldn’t work out on those days. As I had taken Monday off (since I would be getting in a good workout on Tuesday) & was in Festus on Thursday getting my eyes dilated, I had a good 4 days with no workout. But I went in on Friday, walked to the yarn store yesterday, & am doing some workout around the house while I clean today. I’m still frustrated with my lack of progress, but I had a good talk with my trainer on Friday* about it, so I’m feeling a little better. I just need to spend more time working out and make sure I have something to take to work for lunches.
  • I spent last night sewing my fingers off. I had sold 2 bags that I needed to get sewn up and now those are ready except for minor things – a topstich that needs redone & a opening that needs sewn up, although the person I owe them to is in Hawaii at the moment. But I feel better having them done. Now I just need to make Mindy’s curtains & I’m all caught up. Unless you want to buy something. Fabrics are here. :)
  • I’m going to see Half Blood Prince tonight, which I am alternately excited and nervous about. I’ve heard both good things and mediochre things about it. Then again, I think those that are most critical have been critical of the movies and their deviation from the books as a whole. I understand the need to cut some stuff (although there are still bits that were cut out of the other movies that I felt were necessary to the story, but whatever. I am not a screenwriter). I didn’t quite finish my reread of HBP before today, but I’m okay with that.
  • This has nothing to do with anything, but I am LOVING the Genius feature on iTunes/my iPod right now. So awesome. I may never have to make my own playlist again.

Okay, I think that’s about it. I have cleaning to do and a workout to get in. (Mental note: walking lunges freak Fiona Falafel out for some reason.)

*Who is awesome, by the way. I got stuck in a meeting at work, so he let me come in later and stayed late himself to accomodate my weird schedule. Who wants to stay at work until 7 on a Friday night? Nobody I know, but he did that for me.


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