hey, ho, let's go!

I had a lovely weekend, really. On Saturday, I had arranged my annual birthday celebration. We dinnered at Macaroni Grill followed by an evening watching the ARRG girls. The bout itself was quite fantastic and exciting, although I don’t have any pictures to show for it. I do love watching some Derby & am looking forward to catching the next bout on August 1 against Ft. Wayne & the championship bout at the end of August.

There are pictures from the evening here, but a couple of my favorites:

Mindy & Me
A little blurry, but still fun. :)

YIP 67.365 Dessert
There is still a bit of this in my fridge.

The dinner party
The dinner crew.

Sunday was… well, there’s a story. Mindy called & asked if I wanted to walk to Target so we could get in some exercise. We walked there, got our shopping done, came out and it was raining. Not so hard that we thought it would be bad, but it was steady. The further we walked, though, the harder it rained. And by the time we got about halfway back it was a downpour. I was soaked, there were raindrops in my eyelashes, I couldn’t see, and everything we bought was wet. Anyway, we soldiered on & separated at the corner to head to our respective homes. As I got closer, I noticed my shoe was untied & definitely going to be a problem if I didn’t retie it. So I stopped to do that & about the time I was standing up to continue on my way there was a very loud crack of thunder & lightning that felt like they were right on top of me. I swear I jumped 3 feet in the air and started running back to the apartment. It was cartoonish. While I stopped running after a few steps, I did eventually return home. Soaking wet. I went to hop in the shower and my shower curtain rod fell down. OY. I did manage to get myself cleaned up & dried out in time for knitting, though, which was fantastic.

YIP 68.365 Cupcake!
We were a small group, but that just means more sweets for me. Shannon had made the traditional birthday girl treats and this time they were hamburger cupcakes. Oh, wow. They looked fantastic and were very yummy, although I probably shouldn’t have had a second one after dinner because I’m all sugared up now. SUGAR!!! I came home with the leftovers & now there are tasty hamburger cupcakes in my kitchen. They may make it to work tomorrow to share. Maybe. :)

I’ve also spent some time rewatching the Harry Potter movies in order to prepare for the Half Blood Prince next weekend. I made it through the first 4, but can’t bring myself to put the 5th in – I dislike the character of Umbridge so much that I can’t stand to read or watch her. I’ve been doing the sewing thing today, trying to get all my bag orders done and ready to deliver. So far, I’ve got one bag done & the other 3 cut out and ready to go. I might put the fifth movie in tomorrow during laundry and sewing time.


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  1. sounds like so much fun, aside from the getting soaked and scared part :) hi agnes!

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