she's a runner, rebel & a stunner

I haven’t lost any weight since mid-May. I’ve maintained, at least, but haven’t lost ANY weight unless my scale at home is lying to me. In which case, it’s possible that I’ve gained weight (although the scale at the gym doesn’t think that is the case).

Anyway, I’m tired of the gym. I go because I need to, but not because I want to. Although I was kind of excited to go last night since I hadn’t set foot in the gym since Sunday. If it wasn’t so incredibly hot outside I’d mix it up and get outside more and at least WALK places. But dude, it’s too hot to leave my house most of the time.*

I think I’ve mentioned this, but the month of June was not good for my diet. I ate like CRAP most of the month. Even when trying to get back on track, I am having serious trouble staying in my calorie range. And by “trouble”, I mean “I’ve stayed in range once in the past 3 weeks”.

I’m kind of beating myself up about this. I was doing well for a while, but this 7 week stall is getting to me. I’m trying to look at the numbers & figure out what I should actually be eating – is my current calorie range too high? Too low? Not enough protein? Too many carbs? (The answer to those last two questions are “yes” and “no”. I don’t know about the calories, though.)

So, while this is not a good week for me to try to get back on track, I’m trying. Again. And getting annoyed with my inability to eat enough without going over my daily calorie intake. But at least getting to the gym and trying to add a little exercise into my daily routine.

*We are pretending like there wasn’t a perfectly lovely week of weather last week and that I did not take advantage of it AT ALL. Honestly, had I not been carting bacony goodness to knitting then, I would have walked there from my apartment. But I didn’t. “Would” means nothing.


2 thoughts on “she's a runner, rebel & a stunner

  1. Next time you need to hit up target, call me, we’ll sweat to it together… and I will carry a spot cleaner home with me :) I really need to go to the bank and am tempted to walk there.

  2. dude, the weather was so mild and then the past two days have been ridiculously hot and humid! hang in there. dieting and weight loss and exercise are always so hard. i know you can do it.

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