you can walk on the water

I still have to share last Sunday with you, but I’ve had other things taking up space in my head this week. This post, in fact, may just be a purging of my brain.

On the get healthy/weight loss front, June has been bad to me. I’m maintaining at least, but I’m tired. I’ve been very busy socially, which means I’ve eaten out. A lot. And this weekend gives me no reprieve.

I’ve grown tired of tracking my food every day. I want to step back and just eat whatever I want without thinking about the calories or fat or sodium content. But I know that I’ll eat things I shouldn’t if I’m not tracking it. “Oh, here, let me eat this 200 calorie cookie”. I seem to lack awareness of how much I’m eating when I’m not tracking.

I’ve also been stressed financially – my summer classes put me over the allowable “tax-free” amount from the IRS by, well, ALL OF IT & the taxes get taken out of my paycheck. What this means, in a nutshell, is that I’m losing half my pay every two weeks just so I can get most of that money back during tax season. WTF?

Anyway, to combat this problem I’m doing a few things:

  • dropped my second summer class. This will cut the tax amount by half
  • a small yarn destash – I will miss the ones I’m getting rid of, but Kara needs to pay the bills!
  • Purses. I am taking orders based on the patterns and fabric I have available (you can see pictures of what I’ve made in my flickr sewing set). If you’re interested, drop me an email at starmonkeybrass(at)gmail(dot)com with something about purses in the subject line.*  Prices are based on fabric cost & labor (how long it takes for the particular bag).
  • I’m also going to attempt to be more frugal. Which means books & cds come from the library. The cats get discount food.** This will be good for me – I’m bad at being frugal & I need to learn. I want to get into a debt free lifestyle, which will not happen if I keep spending money. (I seem to have inherited my inability to manage money from my mother, as well.)

I will have this same problem during the Fall semester, as dropping a class is not an option unless I want to put off graduation for another year, but it shouldn’t be quite as bad since the taxes will come out over a longer period of time.

None of this is, of course, the end of the world. It’s just stressful.
Just breathe.

*related: the halloween themed quilt top is also for sale. Note that it is JUST the quilt top, still needs backing and quilting and all that jazz, I’ve just discovered that I am not the person to do it. It would easily fit a queen sized bed as is.

**HA! Kidding. I try that, I have a constipated Ziggy and cat vomit all over my apartment.


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  1. I’d love a purse/bag. Particularly one of the Amy Butler-ish ones. What are some prices? I’d want a biggish one, so I could carry sippy cups, an extra diaper or two, and maybe a baggie of goldfish crackers as well as all my stuff. :)

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