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Saturday morning dawned bright and early for the Race for the Cure. Well, early, at least –  very very early. I woke up at 5am, the alarm went off at 6am, Mindy & I caught the metrolink to head downtown at 7am.

I hadn’t slept well on Friday night for fear that I might somehow oversleep, so there was also a lack of sleep to contend with. However, once we arrived I was there and waking up and it was actually a great morning to be outside.

Smile for the camera

A few months ago when I initially mentioned wanting to do the Race for the Cure and actually RUN it, I somehow inspired others to join me. I’m still not sure how that happened, but it was my pleasure to get Shannon (who was, in the end, our lone runner), Mindy, & Karen to join up and wear matching t-shirts with me.

The Komen Race for the Cure event is crowded. There were over 1,000 people on our team and over 66,000 participants. For some people, it’s a social event, for others (like us) it’s an athletic event, if you can call walking a 19 minute mile athletic. But it is for a good cause.

I initially wanted to do this “race” because I’d never run in my life and it would be a new challenge. What I learned from training, however, is that my hip is messed the eff up and I shouldn’t run on it at a minimum until we have it back in form, but possibly never. I can still walk, though. So I did.

It hit me about 2.5 miles into the “race” that I would not have been able to do it last year. We were trying to keep up a decent pace, weaving in and out of the crowd whenever we could. We finished the first mile in 15 minutes, but got bogged down by the crowd for the remaining 2.1 miles. Even with that, we moved quicker than I would have been able to in the past – I could have completed the first mile at a decent pace I’m sure, but after that I would have been in the back huffing and wheezing my way to the finish line. Or I would have done the 1 mile Fun Walk instead. Either way, it reminded me how far I’ve come in the past few months trying to get in shape and get myself healthier. And it made me feel kind of awesome, too – I felt a little like I could conquer the world (you know, if it meant walking 5k in an hour).

I loved this small groups shirts.

I don’t think I would do the Komen event again as a real attempt at a 5k, but I am sure that I’ll do a smaller one sometime soon. In fact, I’m already thinking about my next cause – this time something that has affected someone in my family. You’ll hear more about that once I’m sure, though.

There are more pictures in my flickr set here.


2 thoughts on “Can't define what I'm after

  1. those shirts are awesome! #@&$* you cancer, indeed :) congrats on finishing the walk! sorry my CC got all borked when i was trying to donate :-/

  2. I was kind of bummed out when I realized I’d be out of town this year & miss Race for the Cure. Looks like it was a great event, as always.
    I’m glad you guys enjoyed it!

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