past the places where you used to learn

I feel like I have been going non-stop since Thursday this week.

The short version:

  • gym on Thursday (only important because I came home exhausted), followed by doing laundry.
  • Friday: Work, dinner & bowling out for Mindy’s hubby’s birthday.
  • Saturday: Race for the Cure, BlogHer meetup organized by Kelli, ARRG bout.
  • Sunday: brunch with Stonecutter friends from out of town, knitting, & dinner with the Stonecutter crew.

The long version will come over a few days just so this isn’t the longest blog post EVER. There are pictures to go with it all (and some of the events may be mostly photos).

Friday night was dinner at Wasabi on Wash Ave, then bowling at Flamingo Bowl. So much fun, even if we did have some lane issues while bowling. I am not good at bowling*, but I do have fun trying. :)

Boat Full of Sushi
Boatload of Sushi.

YIP 38.365 Spider Roll
Mindy eating the Spider Roll

Bowling – this picture was totally accidental, but I think it turned out really cool.

The Birthday Boy

All in all, it was a fun night – good food, good people, and bowling. How can you go wrong? (A few more pictures here)

*Little known fact about Kara – during my two required years of gym in high school, I took the 8 or 10 week bowling option twice. I did whatever I could to get out of actual physical activity because I was not athletic in any way, shape, or form. It was embarrassing how bad I was at things that might be considered real sports. Like basketball and field hockey.


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