Get yer Ya-Ya's out!

I am currently sitting at home on my couch debating making a cup of coffee. Screw debating, coffee is made. (Also, this post is photo heavy & any picture with more than my hand in it was blatantly stolen from Kirsti.)

I had a whirlwind weekend of fun – I flew to Detroit on Thursday after spending 6 hours in my class and returned on Saturday morning. In between, I got to spend time with a few of my favorite people in the world – Stonecutter Sally was in from London visiting her sister Kirsti (who has become our official photographer somehow), so we had a small scale get together with fellow Stonecutters Tiff (who lives in Detroit already) and Jan (our Canadian, eh).

Our gathering officially started on Friday since I didn’t even get to my hotel until 9pm on Thursday (at which point I ate McDonald’s for the first time in 6 months – I was starving and it was easy to find before I hit the highway).

Anyway, Friday morning dawned bright and early and we headed to IHOP for breakfast around 10am (one of Sal’s favorite stateside eateries), where we ate pancakes and yummy foodstuffs. After our late breakfast, we headed to a local shop – Leon & Lulu – which was in an old skating rink and named after the owner’s dogs. It was very cool – they had old skates as part of the decorating theme and a lot of fun stuff. It is definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

(Tiff, Sal, & myself posing with martini glasses) (Sal & me hanging in the back of Tiff’s van w/Tiff in the front)

Then, of course, we hit up a nearby yarn shop Ewe-nique Knits (Kirsti is a fellow knitter) where I got a lovely bit of souvenier yarn. The owner & staff were very nice ladies & had a nice selection of yarn & fiber. Our trip to the yarn shop was followed by an extremely healthy lunch at the Cupcake Station, where I bought a half dozen mini-cupcakes that traveled home with me (the 4* I inhaled yesterday morning were delicious) and had a Pineapple Delight cupcake for “lunch”. About the time we left there, Jan arrived in town and we caught up with her. The plan was then to head to a local tattoo parlor and for Sally & I to get inked. Unfortunately, they couldn’t fit us in on a Friday afternoon/early evening and didn’t seem to be that keen on trying to fit us in that day at all, so there is no new ink. :(  After that rather disappointing turn of events, we headed to Michaels so Sal could pick up some supplies to learn to crochet & cross-stitch (she had picked up the Subversive Cross-Stitch book at Leon & Lulu).

sal-kara-cupcakePineapple Delight Cupcake
(me & Sal with our Cupcakes)

Dinner was, of course, at Red Lobster (another of Sal’s favorite places), where Sal got a margarita the size of her head and we all ate our weight in biscuits & fish and Tiff’s son also joined us as the token male. After dinner, we headed back to Kirsti’s house to chill & knit (me & Kirsti) and learn crochet (Sal, taught by Tiff who does crochet & Jan who doesn’t, but was an excellent teacher).

red-lobsterSal & her Lobsterita
(Sal, me, Jan, & Tiff at Red Lobster) (Sal & her Lobsterita)

Once we had digested enough of our dinner, Tiff headed home so she wouldn’t fall asleep on the road and the rest of us headed to a local ice cream parlor – Ray’s – and had a delicious late night treat. At that point, we were a bit inappropriate and Sal & I ended up laughing until we cried a little. At that point we were getting a bit tired (at least Sal & I were), so Sal went to bed and Jan & I headed back to our hotel rooms.**
Ray's Raspberry Sorbet

I returned home early Saturday morning, arriving back in St. Louis around 9:30am. Once I got home, I napped for several hours so I could be fresh and awake for a viewing of Rent with my friend & former co-worker Steph.

Y’all, this was BY FAR the BEST cast I have seen perform Rent. Anthony Rapp & Adam Pascal were reprising their roles as Mark & Roger. Even though they are easily too old now to play 20-somethings since they were actually the proper age for the roles when they opened on Broadway 13 years ago, I don’t care. They were fantastic. Everyone in the cast was fantastic, even our last minute sub for Joanne. I can’t even put into words how good they all were. If you have a chance to see this particular tour, DO IT. Steph did a great job with our seats – were were on the main level towards the back, but dead center so we could see the entire stage. There is something to be said for being able to see the entire stage in a production like this, so I was glad we were able to. LOVE LOVE LOVED it. I am so excited still that we were able to see Anthony & Adam reprising their original roles in the show. So fantastic. I could say that about 15 more times & I don’t think I’d be able to impress on you how great it was. :)

After the show, we hit up Ted Drewes, where Steph shared some exciting news in a sneaky little way (it’s her news to share, even though you guys don’t know her, it’s not mine to tell the world). It was so great to see Steph again, since she & her husband are living in Peoria during his residency. I hadn’t seen her in almost 2 years (since her wedding), although we’ve done better about keeping in touch. I really have to thank Facebook for stuff like that – it’s easier to keep in touch with someone even when they do those small little updates. As silly as it is, Facebook does help. :)

As it turns out, I left my camera cord in my hotel room somehow, but they are going to send it back to me. We’ll have to thank Mindy for having a similar camera so I was able to download my pictures using her cord. As always, a few more pictures in my flickr set here.

The plan for the remainder of Sunday involves resting, knitting, and more coffee. And if you made it all the way through this post, you get a gold star. :)

*They were Cookies & Cream, Gone Bananas, PB & C, & What’s Up Doc (which was sugar overload). I still have Chocolate Vegan & Chocolate Cheesecake to try.

**I was so very bad with the food this weekend, but screw it. I made some good food choices, but a cupcake lunch, cheddar bay biscuits, and coconut shrimp were not those choices. :)


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