Take it easy

I am headed out of town for about 40 hours tomorrow evening for a trip to Detroit to see my friend and fellow Stonecutter Sally. I’m super excited about the trip, although I wish I didn’t have to start my day sitting in class for 6 hours before I head to the airport. UGH.

I will also be seeing Rent at the Fox Theatre this weekend, which is why my trip to the Motor City is so short.

I’m trying to wind down so I can get to sleep tonight, but I just spent the last hour and a half running around getting packed and making sure all the little things were taken care of. Like the changing of the kitty litter, which just needed done in general. Packing for this trip had found me mildly annoyed. Becuase it’s such a short trip & my airline charges for checked bags, I wanted to just do carry on luggage. But I’m a girl & there is NO way on the planet that I can fit all my liquids & gels into a single one-quart bag, even after making sure everything was in the proper 3oz or smaller containers. UGH. So I am checking a bag. This is the single TSA rule that really chafes my hiney. I understand why they want a limit, but it’s a lot restrictive to those of us who don’t really need to check a bag save for that rule.

PHONE CHARGER. This is the item I just remembered to pack. Thank you, blog, and good night.


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