Tonight, I'm cleaning out my closet.*

I was cleaning up the apartment today and ventured into the closet. What started as straightening up my sweater collection turned into a full-fledged closet cleaning.

I go through phases where I clean out the closet – it had only been about a year since I had last done it. But back then I was 40 pounds heavier. So I had known for a while that this was something I needed to do – I knew that most of the clothes are too big. Hell, my best fitting khaki pants at the moment don’t even need unbuttoned for me to put them on or take them off, I KNEW that there were a lot of things that were not going to fit without falling off my ass.

So, I did it – I took everything out, hung a very few things back up, and wound up with 2 garbage bags full of stuff to donate to the ScholarShop (plus the dresses & suits I left on hangers) and one bag for Goodwill. In the middle of it all were 2 very confused cats wondering why there was a maze of clothing on the floor.

YIP 25.365 I'm cleaning out my closet

I may have only 2 pair of pants and like 4 shirts left**, but I have closet space now.

*Literally. Not like Eminem’s version that involves burying things in the backyard. Because, ew. And creepy.

**This is easily an exaggeration. There are also a couple pair of jeans in there and I just got some capri pants in to last me the summer. My closet in reality went from overflowing to about 1/4 to 1/3 full.


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  1. Go you! You’re doing great! And hey, I wouldn’t think of it as losing that many clothes, but gaining yarn stash space. :)

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