happened so fast

Over the weekend I broke out the sewing machine again and whipped up a few bags. In less than 24 hours.*

I went a little sewing crazy

Three of these 4 are the Swing Bag pattern from Amy Butler out of various fabrics from my stash. Yes, I do have a fabric stash. Each of these sews up in less than 2 hours, so I whipped out those three in the time it took me to watch 3 movies in the background, including lunch and snack breaks. The other is the Birdie Sling (also an Amy Butler pattern) for my coworker, who bought and gave me the fabrics MONTHS ago. I felt I needed to finish that one before I could make the others.

I did make a tiny mod to the pattern – I added a small pocket on the inside of the bag. This kind of destroys the reversible aspect of the bag, but makes it a little more functional.
Bags, May 2009

It’s been a while since I had done the sewing, but now I have the bug again. I purchased a couple more bag patterns to play with, including a pattern to whip up a cute purse that will work for an evening out or a wedding one might go to in June – I needed a little cute but dressy purse to go with my outfit for a family wedding.

7.52 Brilliant new haircut
I also made a quick trip to the hometown yesterday for a new haircut and color.** I needed to go a bit lighter this time so I can save a little $$ and do it myself this summer. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to go lighter on my own without coming out blonde and nobody wants that.

*This does not include the time spent cutting out the bags since I had done that previously.

**I’m wearing my finished Ishbel in this picture, you can expect to hear more about it later this week.


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