can I take you to a restaurant

I am currently wearing my favorite worn out t-shirt – I’ve slept in it a lot over the past 13 years (yes, 13. This t-shirt is still in one piece after that long, although it does have several ink stains on it, but I digress) – from a student research program at my undergrad alma mater.

This is not really important.

While pup-sitting this weekend, I’ve watched Sixteen Candles twice because it was on TV when nothing else was & am currently watching Grosse Pointe Blank through the glory of the Netflix “watch instantly” feature. Oh how I love Netflix.

All this has done so far, however, is make me reminisce about high school and even college a little bit. But mostly the high school thing. If I had the chance to do it over, I would do so many things differently. Not give myself such a hard time about being the chubby girl. Take more chances dating-wise. Hell, take any chance there. Not leave the era behind wondering “what if”, although I think that can hardly be helped. There are always the “what ifs” in life.

I often think about the people I was friends with during those high school years – those people I lost touch with almost the instant we got through graduation. In this era of Facebook, I don’t have to wonder as much – I can add them as “friends” there and reconnect in a way, but it’s difficult to strike up a conversation with someone you’ve seen all of once in the 16 years since graduation.

Last night I dreamt about some of these people from high school mixing with my current friends. It was…….odd. But not bad.

I am just in a bit of a ruminative mood this evening and almost wishing for some kind of mini reunion – not the full reunion experience, maybe just a night out at a bar where I can get a little blitzed* while I chat with these people.

Don’t be surprised if you see some of my high school pictures popping up on flickr in the next week or so.

*Never mind that I don’t generally get blitzed ever. We don’t need to worry about that.