Take these words and sing out loud

I tell y’all, I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.*

Friday night, I went out and celebrated a friends birthday in style. Well, Mindy, her boy & I hit up Bandana’s first then went to the party. There were cupcakes and they were delicious. And, well, it was good to surprise B for his birthday.
YIP 3.365 Cupcakes!

Saturday I got up and hit the gym early, then ran some errands and such before I got a bit of down time. Then it was off to dinner (Pho Grand – YUM) before we headed out to see the ARRG bout. Seriously, y’all, roller derby is my new favorite sport. LOVE IT.
This bout was a little dirtier than the previous one I’d seen – it seems the M-80s had a score to settle since the Smashanistas had handed them a defeat earlier in the season.

Yesterday I took care of some cleaning and such before heading off to knitting, then I came home and my brain just stopped working. Well, until I picked up a book and started reading – the final Percy Jackson & the Olympians book came out last week and I read half of it last night. They’re YA books, but fun to read, so I’d recommend them.

And now today? I’m all migraine-y and reflux-y, so I’m bailing on the gym for the evening in favor of knitting and (probably) finishing the book.

*Mindy actually said this first, but it is SO TRUE.