don't just leave me hanging on

It’s the little things in life, really.

  • 199. One hundred ninety nine pounds. That is what I weighed as of Friday morning. I have broken the 200lb mark for the first time since…I can’t even remember. It’s gotta be sometime during undergrad, so we’re talking AT LEAST 12 years. Naturally, I celebrated by eating Ted Drewes on Friday night and nachos & bratwurst at the Cards/Cubs game on Saturday.
  • Related: my booty fits quite comfortably in the seats on Metro & in Busch Stadium, which is much m ore than I could say at this same time last year. I mean, neither of these are seats you’d want to spend a ton of time in, but it’s nice that I don’t seem to have the overflow that I used to.
  • I’ve hit the halfway point on a scarf I’ve been working on – it’s been a bit of a labor because there are many other things I’d like to be working on, like several pairs of socks and some nice lace shawls. But the scarf is due on a time schedule, so I’ve been trying to be faithful to it.
  • Did I mention the 199? Because that feels pretty awesome.

6 thoughts on “don't just leave me hanging on

  1. congratulations on breaking the 200 lb mark! i think ted drewes is a great way to celebrate :) hooray!

  2. Yay! CONGRATULATIONS! I’m eyeing up that 200 lb mark myself and giving it the stink-eye so that I can breeze right past it into the 190s. I bet it feels so good to get that stinkin’ 2 off the front of your number.

    That is awesome!

  3. That’s awesome! I know I felt so much better last time I was weighed at the doctors office and they didn’t have to push the marker over another 50 pounds. that darn thing made me feel better even though they still had to push the pound marker more than halfway over.

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