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As I mentioned in the previous post, I have a couple of FOs to talk about.

First up:
My cousin is getting married in June.*  I decided, for some reason, that I wanted a shawl to wear to her wedding. I tried a couple patterns before I settled on the one I actually finished.
Shetland Triangle
This yarn was desperate to be the Shetland Triangle. At first I thought I would make the Hanami stole out of the yarn (and in fact bought 2 skeins so I’d have enough yarn), but quickly decided that I did not have the patience to make Hanami on a schedule. Then I tried another rectangular shawl pattern that again, while lovely, did not work for the yarn or me right now. I had been drawn to the Shetland Triangle pattern for some inexplicable reason even though I’m not generally a fan of the triangles. But this yarn wanted to be a triangle, so who was I to fight it?
Shetland TriangleShetland TriangleShetland Triangle
Pattern: Shetland Triangle (ravelry link – also in the book Wrap Style)
Yarn: Sundara Fingering Silky Merino in Flaming Flamingo, .6 skein
Needles: Size 6 Knit Picks Options
Started: March 30, 2009 Completed & Blocked: April 12, 2009
Notes: I did 11 pattern repeats instead of the 8 called for by the pattern. My gauge was not spot on, but was close to the gauge called for in the pattern (which calls for something like 54″x24″, I got 52”x22”). However, the shawl did not even block to the dimensions stated in the pattern, which is slightly disappointing. It is big enough for my purpose this summer, but I wish it was slightly bigger. Live and learn, I guess. The yarn, as I mentioned before, is lovely lovely stuff. I have a ton leftover (1.4 skeins still), so I’m trying to figure out what I might do with it.

*Coincidentally, she is getting married on the same day as the wedding that the next FO will be used in.

Second in post, but finished first:
Voyager Lace Stole
A few months ago (probably more, actually), one of the Stonecutters announced her engagement and started making wedding plans. Once they set a date, I decided I’d like to make her a stole or shawl for her wedding day (June, outdoors, in Chicago – kind of like October in St. Louis – it could be 8 billion degrees or 8 degrees, you just don’t know). Of course, I didn’t want to do this without actually talking to the bride, so I did and she loved the idea. We worked out the details and I got to work on an ivory version of the Voyager Lace Stole I had previously made to wear in Mindy’s wedding.

This time, however, I decided to go up a needle size to make it a little wider and more airy – I used the same yarn, a merino/silk blend and wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be TOO warm to wear for her wedding, but still enough to function as a nice winter scarf.

Voyager Lace Stole Voyager Lace Stole
Pattern: Voyager Lace Stole (free from elann)
Yarn: Malabrigo Silky Merino in Natural, 4 skeins
Needles: Size 8 Knit Picks Options
Started: January 13, 2009. Finished: March 21, 2009. Blocked: April 9, 2009
Notes: This blocked out to about 18″x70″. Since I had done this pattern before, I knew it would be a fairly quick knit. However, I’ve been suffering from some knitting ADD lately and keep getting distracted by other projects. So this took longer than it would have if I’d been working on it alone.