stacked to the rafters

Dear Trent Reznor,

Oh, Trent. I am so dissappointed – how is there no NIN|JA tour date for St. Louis? I saw you for the very first time at (what was then) Riverport Ampitheater, I was hoping that I would get to see you there again, only this time from my vantage point in a seat instead of crushed against the railing in the pit. Although being that close to you was kind of awesome. But I digress.

We miss you and the band, Trent. I realize that St. Louis is rarely a priority city when it comes to scheduling a tour* – we are close enough to Chicago and Kansas City to do an overnight trip and believe me I’ve done that for you. TWICE. I even went round trip to Mizzou last fall for you. But as I am entering the final year of my current graduate program, I can’t take off to KC or Chicago on a whim right now. June and August are jam packed full of boring ass classes educational goodness.

I know that I am not the only person who wishes you and JA would grace us with your presence before the sabbatical. In fact, my pal A over at NoMinivan would love it. So would her hubster, who is a big Jane’s Addiction fan. I’ve chatted with several folks on twitter who would also love to see a StL show. We do love you here in the middle.

If you decide to add a couple more shows to the schedule stateside, I would really appreciate a visit to the StL. I think a lot of folks in the area would feel the same way.


*I can not tell you how many times we’ve been passed over by the people I care to see. Yet for some reason, the NKOTB reunion tour is coming to us AGAIN. What is up with that?


2 thoughts on “stacked to the rafters

  1. They’ve just been to St. Louis – 8/20/2008 Scottrade Center. Should have been very similar to the Columbia show 11/21/2008 – both Lights in the Sky tour.

    This seems fair, because Lights in the Sky did NOT stop in Kansas City or Indy. They did play Chicago, but it was the Lollapalooza 08 show, not a stand alone gig.

    The Indy (Noblesville) NIN/JA show is a Saturday night.

  2. No, it’s not fair at all! What’s up with adding tour dates in Turkey, Trent? TURKEY? Come on, dude. Bring it home to your Midwest fans!

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