later on you can spend some time with me

I recently finished knitting the first of a pair of socks that has been hanging around as a WIP since July 2008.*
Pattern: Mad Color Weave
As I was obsessively knitting on it last week once I realized I could finish it quickly and at least have half a pair of socks done, we (some of the knit-night-ers and I) got to talking about it. This particular sock is the result of some experimentation on my part – I decided to work it toe-up with a short-row heel to make the most of my yarn, then once I arrived at the ankle, I needed to increase just a few stitches so it would fit comfortably, yet snugly. To achieve this, I simply decided to add another column of the “twist” stitches on each side of the leg (increasing my stitch count by 4 on each side).**

These modifications have become a part of my sock knitting life ever since I picked up my first pattern and realized that it wouldn’t fit around my larger ankles and calves. The ankles and calves don’t really have the flab on them, I think it’s just a way for me to have to learn new things in life and knitting.

Some in the group, however, were very complimentary of my ability to figure out the issues and conquer them in my sock knitting. To me, it’s just the way it is – if I want to knit socks (much less ones with only one size on the pattern), I needed to figure out how to make them work with my feet, ankles, and legs. I have similar issues with hats and gloves/armwarmes/mittens. I have a big noggin and large-ish wrists. I need to modify or I’ll just make a bunch of things that don’t fit me & that’s no fun – I am a selfish knitter. :)

I am actually a little jealous of the people who can just pick up a pattern and knit it without worrying about if it will fit around the ankle (or wrists or head) properly. I’ve tried to make myself a pair of Monkey socks 3 different times – I’ve modified the pattern, used sport weight yarn on bigger needles, and then tried to knit it as written – too big, too big, too small. I think I’ve figured out the problem there (need to use a thicker fingering weight yarn and maybe size 2.5 needles?), but still – 3 times is a lot of knitting that gets frogged.

We all have our strengths in knitting, I suppose one of mine is to be able to figure out how to make sock patterns work for my feet. (I am apparently also good at picking up dropped stitches and getting them worked back into the pattern properly. For some reason I have more patience with that than I do most things. )

*Updated with a much better picture.

**I am hoping that I wrote down all these insane steps so that I can repeat them when I get around to sock #2.