would you even care?

It has been a weird week.

  • On Tuesday I discovered that I had some fraudulent charges on one of my credit cards. Called the company, first guy I spoke to was a complete MORON who wanted me to call the merchant THAT I HAD NEVER HEARD OF to find out what it was. I refused. Then he wasn’t even willing to close out my account and issue a new one. Eventually got transferred to another guy in fraud who (a) took care of the charges immediately and (b) closed my account and sent me a new card before I could blink. WTF?
  • The same day, I started getting phone calls from people saying I had left my information on their website to be contacted about a product (like, say, the warranty on my Mercedes. That I have never owned.) One guy got kind of snippy when I told him that I hadn’t left my information and didn’t want his service. It was like he could not understand that my information had somehow been leaked or something and that I didn’t actually leave it. WTF?
  • A new kitteh arrived on Saturday. She has been pretty much hiding behind my couch since then occasionally exploring the living room and kitchen when I am not home or sleeping. I’ve actually started separating Ziggy and Fiona when I’m not home or trying to sleep because Ziggy? He is not pleased at the moment. In like another 2 weeks he’ll love her, though. (I did actually get to pet her and such this morning, but only because Ziggy was locked in the bedroom again.) Mindy is enjoying calling her anything starting with an “F” BUT Fiona (as we know another cat as well as a person with the name). My favorite fake name so far was Falafel.
  • Related: Fiona decided to use the kitchen rug as her litter box for the first couple days. Said rug is now in the dumpster and my kitchen floor is bare. I’m thinking I may knit a bit of a rug out of the t-shirt yarn. (Lesson learned: litter box needs to be in the room cat is hiding in, not where it will be permanently located.)
  • I made a knitting decision involving Hanami. It will not be made in time for me to wear this summer, so I found another lovely, but simpler pattern to work on in the hopes that I will have a fabulous shawl to wear to my cousin’s wedding in June. Related: I finished knitting the shawl for Sara Joy’s wedding. It needs a good blocking and then I can send it her way.

I am so glad it’s Friday.


2 thoughts on “would you even care?

  1. I have a cat named Fiona! She looks like Louis the Fancy Cat looked. When she crosses her legs ala Louis, I call her Fiona the Fancy Cat, in honor of Louis.

    Do you want a third cat? My new adoptee has a sibling who really wants a home. I absolutely cannot have 5 cats. I’ll even spring for its shots if you know of anyone who might want her (him?). I’m not willing yet to take her to a shelter…

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