could you whisper in my ear

Three things, 2 of which are related, one of which is about knitting.

First up, since I’ve said this everywhere else on the internet since last night (and off the internet, too), I have been inspired to run a 5k in June (Race for the Cure). Inspired mostly by ShutterBitch and partially by watching the Biggest Loser folks run a half marathon last night (and a little by Laura’s mention of running being really good cardio). So, I will start training this weekend outside the gym.

Really, it’s an idea I’ve toyed with briefly quite a bit over the last few months, quickly dismissing it because “I don’t run”. But why don’t I run? Because I don’t think I’d like it, I haven’t really tried it, and I haven’t wanted to try it. I could totally walk the 5k right now with no problem, but where is the challenge in that? The weather is turning nice, so it’s time to mix it up and get outside while I’m getting exercise.

So,  yeah, running a 5k. I may have completely lost my mind. Then again, I may decide that I like running, too. Only time will tell.

~next topic~

Last week I went to the doc for a routine check up, which somehow ended with me getting some blood work done just to see where my numbers were. Today the results came back and apparently my cholesterol and trigylcerides are high enough that she wants me on medication for it. *sigh* At first I was a little shocked, so I didn’t ask questions. Then I got off the phone and looked at my diet – I already have a low cholesterol diet. I need to do a little better with the saturated fat intake, but y’know.

So I called my dad – he has high cholesterol but doesn’t need medication for it. Apparently, though, my mom had very high cholesterol and wouldn’t take meds for it. That’s another medical issue I’ve inherited from her and one more reason it’s important that I get in shape and eat better. After I talked to my dad, I called the office again and asked the nurse a ton of questions, all of which she was very nice to answer. I’ll go back for a check up in a few months to see where my numbers are and if they go way down, I can stop taking the meds. And in 3 months, I can hopefully be another 20 pounds or more lighter.

I can’t help but wonder, though, if my cholesterol is high now, what was it like before I started exercising and eating better 6 months ago? Scary!

~next topic~

Let’s talk yarn diet. Or lack thereof. I had planned to continue knitting from stash and not buying yarn except in special cases (like a wedding shawl I’m knitting for a friend) in 2009. Well. I have failed at that miserably. MISERABLY. Seriously, y’all, I fell off the wagon so hard I may have a yarn concussion. I ordered yarn that won’t even ship until May* at one point. I don’t know what I was thinking. But, save for the one fantastic yarn club subscription I have, I am back on the diet. Same rules as before – can use gift certificate, can’t use my actual money unless something comes up I need to make for someone else (see above).


*From famous and possibly overrated indie dyer, the purchase of which I’m now questioning because I went totally out of my normal color palette. I did send an email to see if I could cancel the order. If I can’t, I am sure that I’ll find someone who is willing to buy it off me on ravelry.


3 thoughts on “could you whisper in my ear

  1. have you ever gotten your cholesterol tested before? you’re doing great things and i hope that with your changes in diet in exercise, that number will go down naturally. you can do it! also, you can totally do a 5k! even if you walk some of it, imagine how great you’ll feel afterwards! 3 miles is totally doable. finally, come on! you inspired me to go on a yarn diet!! just keep track of your budget and you can totally get back on track :)

  2. Yay! I’m so glad I inspired you! Hey, do you want to see about running the race together? I planned on signing up as an individual and not getting on a team, but maybe we can start a revolution and get some more peeps hooked on the idea. What say you?

    Also, email me your ravelry username and I’ll friend you. I just got my invite and I’m still trying to learn the quirks of the site, but I’m totally addicted to browsing other people’s work. Found a great pattern there to make a log cabin blanket for my sister for her wedding (cough ~ a year and a half ago ~ cough). Nothing like a little procrastination (and lack of funds) to make me feel like an ass. And what is this yarn club of which you speak? Since I’m a beginning knitter/crocheter I know nothing of the sites and clubs available. Fill a girl in?

  3. Kara,
    When is this 5K? (exact date) I too have always said that I’m not a runner. In fact, I hate running. But I think it’s because everytime I tried, I didn’t work up to it — I just went outside and started running, which resulted in shin splints.
    I’ve been wanting to try running again, and this would be a good goal. How would you feel if I did this with you? (if the date works)

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