I seem to be struck by you

My fingers are no longer the same fingers I have stared at every day.* They are slimmer. I’ve noticed it in my thumbs especially, they seem longer now.

It’s weird, really, that this journey to find a healthy me is most noticeable in my fingers. Even the rings that fit a few weeks ago when I had to switch to smaller ones are now a little loose.

I never would have thought this tiny thing – the fingers I use every single day to type until they want to fall off – would be where I’d notice such a big difference.

~Segue into workout discussion. Pretend like this actually goes together~

Tonight I went to the gym to work out with my trainer, just like every other Monday for the past 2 months. Except that somehow, I was not on his schedule and there was someone else on the books in my spot. Monday, 5pm. Every week. EVERY WEEK. So, yeah, I’m annoyed, even though he said he’d give me a free session. I put in 15 minutes on the treadmill there and then came home to grab my little blue iPod Shuffle so I could take a walk around the park. Which was nice, but not the workout I had planned today.

*I feel that I’ve talked about this before, but it just seems so very noticeable every day. Now more than a few weeks ago, even.


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  1. i don’t remember you mentioning your fingers before, but that’s really interesting! bummer about your personal trainer. how annoying!

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