there's nothing strange about this

It was a fairly nice Sunday if I do say so myself.

I slept in later than intended, but still planned to get my yoga in this morning until the DVD didn’t work*. So, that was a bust. But I met up with Mindy early in the afternoon and we walked to Target (it’s about a mile each way) and picked up some stuff.

Of course, on the way to our specified meeting point, I took my eyes off the ground just long enough to step on one of those gumball things that fall of the trees, lost my balance, and completely wiped out. I was wearing jeans at the time and still managed to scrape up my knee (which is still sore), both hands, and twist my ankle just a bit (nothing to stop the walk, but it’s a little tender tonight). So, yes. Clumsiness 1 567, Kara 0.

After that I kept my eyes on the ground to watch for anything in my path on our walk. I spied a dirty sock and condom (not in package, so I’m assuming used, yuck) neither of which would have caused a fall but both of which I am glad I was able to avoid stepping on. And, y’know, lots more of those stupid gumballs that were waiting for me to fall again.

Then there was knitting, which is always good. I am nearly 3/4 done with the shawl I am making for a special gift, then I can work on another gift project and the shawl I want to make for myself with the lofty goal of finishing it by mid-June.

I attempted to do the yoga tonight, but my hand and knee were not cooperating since they hurt (and my palm started to bleed a little) when there is any pressure on them. Hopefully they will feel a bit better by the time I get to the gym tomorrow. At least I have a good story to tell my trainer since he doesn’t seem to believe I have balance issues.

And now I’m going to relax a bit and read before I get back to work (and school since Spring Break is over) tomorrow.

*I did get to exchange it for another copy, so at least I didn’t have to buy a new one.


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  1. yikes! be careful! you can work on your balance by strengthening certain muscles. i need to do that, too, because i trip over everything :)

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