I'm tired, so tired.

I hit that point today where I am tired. Tired of the gym, tired of my trainer, tired of working out, tired of watching what I eat. I am just tired of it all. I don’t even LIKE working out most of the time, so sometimes I wonder what I was thinking with this plan.

But. I am not quitting, not giving up, or anything like that. I’m just going to work through this little whiny-ass moment I’m having and get back to it. I still have 60 pounds to goal (new goal – 35 pounds to original goal) and I refuse to quit now.

I’m just tired and whiny. So let’s look at what I’ve done so far with some simple numbers.
Starting weight: 238 pounds. Current weight: 208 pounds. Goal weight: 150.

There. Now I need to shut up, shower, and clean my apartment so I can get my yoga on later.*

*I haven’t done this in like 2 weeks and I think this might be part of my problem – I enjoy the yoga, but since I do it at home it’s been pushed to the side for things like homework, travel, and knitting for the last couple weeks. I need to get back into that groove because it makes me feel good. So tonight I will do it even though I spent over an hour at the gym this morning.


2 thoughts on “I'm tired, so tired.

  1. i feel you. i am feeling lazy and unmotivated, too. stick with it! i know it’s tough, but you’re doing such a great job.

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