you may say I'm a dreamer

I believe I’ve mentioned that all my clothes were too big, right? I find that this particular item makes it difficult to get an accurate photo of me at the moment. In a fit of desperation the other night, I pulled on a t-shirt and took a picture.
30 pounds lighter
The left is about 2 weeks after I initially started my whole “get healthy” plan, the right is at 6 months*, or 30 pounds lighter. I can tell a difference in my face and in the fit of the shirt (even if you can’t see that in the photo).

Everything hangs loosely on me now. I have 2 tops that are the right size at the moment, one bought to wear last week in Chicago, the other an impulse purchase as I was trying on jeans in Target over the weekend. But the jeans? I still have the ones from Old Navy that now nearly fit. Okay, they totally fit, but I can’t sit on my couch cross-legged comfortably while wearing them, so I’m in denial that it is time to move to the smaller jeans.

As a random aside, I had a routine check up with my Dr. earlier this week and discovered that my current weight is about 2 pounds less than it was last time I was there (last May). I am not surprised to learn that I put on weight since I was last there (and I do question the accuracy of their measurement since the nurse or whoever often seems to want to get that over with quickly as to not embarrass me by seeing my weight. If I am looking at the numbers, I don’t care. Or I do care and want to know), but it’s good to know that I am lighter than I was this time last year, even if just a couple pounds.

I am currently 9 pounds away from breaking the 200 pound mark. Honestly, folks, I don’t know the last time I weighed under 200 pounds. I only vaguely remember the scale creeping slowly from 210 to 220 to 225 when I quit weighing myself for a while. But under 200? If I had to guess, I’d say it’s been at least 10 years since I saw a number on the scale starting with 1. So that milestone? It will be a reason to celebrate somehow, although I haven’t decided how yet. I’m still having trouble realizing that I am close to that happening, just the thought of it boggles my mind (so imagine the excitement when I actually reach that point!).

*I created a flickr set for these photos, which also include a second 6 month shot where everything I’m wearing that used to be too small hangs off me like it’s a few sizes too large.


4 thoughts on “you may say I'm a dreamer

  1. dude, kara, this is excellent! i can definitely see it in your face. congratulations! 30lbs is a huge milestone, and i can’t wait to see you hit 200. i’m so excited for you! how do you feel?

  2. well we won’t celebrate by going out for ice cream..hmmm…now to come up with ideas….. maybe do something in FP with the camera

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