can you picture that?

I have recently purchased* and used 2 items that I now wonder how I ever lived without, especially with Ziggy McPukeypants Sheds-A-Lot in my apartment.

First up, we have the fur remover. It is the Scotch Fur Fighter and I love it. I have struggled for so long to find something quick and easy to get the fur off my couch and I finally did. This thing cost me like $5 at Target and it SO WORTH IT. In the past I have used lint rollers, going through section after section of the tape and still have fur everywhere. This thing really takes the fur off your furniture. In fact, I have a little collage of pictures. The top are before of the couch & Fur Fighter, bottom are after of both (Click the picture to view it larger). There is a bit of fur left on the couch, but NOTHING compared to what was there when I started. In fact, there’s so little left that I could pick it off the couch myself if it really bothered me.
Fighting the Fur Battle
Look at all that fur on the thing now! Geez!

The next product is my recently purchased carpet shampooer – the Bissell Little Green. I picked it because it was small and had some good reviews. I finally broke it out of the box and tested it tonight and, well, it rocked the socks off of the spots on my carpet (mostly where Ziggy has taken to puking, but even in places where I’ve clumsily spilled). I probably wouldn’t recommend it for large scale carpet cleaning, but if you just need spot cleaning, it’s AWESOME. It’s also relatively inexpensive – mine was about $100 at Target & honestly, I haven’t seen anything that would work as well for less money. I did get the one with the heater, which I think added $10 to the total price.

If you find yourself in need of either of these products, they come highly recommended by me. Not that it means much in the grand scheme of things, but it’s better than nothing, I suppose. :)

*Disclaimer, of course: I have not been paid or recieved anything to endorse these products, I just liked them enough that I wanted to share my finds with you.


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  1. I have the little green by Bissell too. Except I picked mine up off the curb when I was walking my dog one night. I wondered if it worked and by george it does. If you haven’t used it with the oxybooster – do that. It’s amazing what it will get up off the carpet.

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