a city lit by fireflies

Other random items of note. Or whatever.

  • Let’s talk about the IBS for a moment. I think that it is relatively under control – I can now ingest small amounts of the foods and additives that once caused me great discomfort. Like iceberg lettuce. And aspartame. The second I’m still doing in very small amounts, like in gum and the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper. The lettuce, though, is much improved – I had a small salad with my lunch earlier in the week and no problems. The next day I had a big salad for lunch and no problems. So, yay! Salad, how I have missed you. I believe that my only real trigger now is stress, but I only have issues when it’s that kind of stress that you don’t really realize is there. When I’m noticeably stressed, nothing. When I’m stressed and don’t notice it, PROBLEMS. And there’s really no way to control that at all, so I just have to deal with it as it comes. Fun.
  • I am now dealing with the crazy on a daily basis. Not my crazy or the crazy of any of my people, but other crazy. Sorry, can’t elaborate further.
  • The other day I was walking into work and the cold air was blowing through my scarf and making me cold. Which made me wonder if I would be able to knit a cowl in one night and wear it the next day. The short answer, no. The long answer – I wanted a simple ribbed pattern, but not a 2×2 rib & I had some malabrigo in my stash I wanted to use either single or held double. I couldn’t find a bulky pattern to meet my needs, so I went with one for the single strand. I got about 2 inches done in 2 hours (including the cast on). It appears, though, that I will have a finished cowl by the end of the weekend (maybe even by the end of this evening).
  • After working out on Thursday with my trainer, he told me he wanted me to take a class this morning at 9am with the name “Drills to Make You Sweat”. Not only would I be required to get up and leave the house before 9am, but dude. Sweating. Again. I complained heavily, but sucked it up and went to the class anyway. I was not a fan, but I’ll probably go back next week anyway & maybe even stay for the Pilates class that is right after the sweating class. One of my big stumbling blocks is going that first time, but now that I have that out of the way I might as well keep going. Besides, I don’t feel nearly as silly in a class situation as I do when I’m trying to do my homework workouts alone.

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  1. Pilates is awesome. You should totally give it a try. It doesn’t look like it could possibly make that much difference, but my abs have been sore on a weekly basis since I started the class about a month ago. (not trying to discourage you w/the soreness thing…to me, it feels good, like I’ve been doing something)
    It’s a relaxing thing too, like yoga, but it works you harder.

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