you gave me life now show me how to live

A few weeks ago I broke down and ordered some new jeans from Old Navy in a size smaller than I currently wear (and in the same size my khakis that fit are, which are also from Old Navy). They are too small. WTF? Consequently, I headed to Lane Bryant to try on some jeans and see if I could get just one pair that would fit. I tried on a pair two sizes smaller and they zipped, but were super tight and uncomfortable. They did not have the size I think I needed in stock.

This is what bothers me about this: On The Biggest Loser this year, one of the contestants that was at home for a month (one of those crazy plot twists) came back to the ranch and had lost 15 pounds & (she said) 2 pants sizes. There is also a commercial for a fitness club running in the area right now where a woman says she’s lost 17 pounds and 2 dress sizes.

People, I am down 26 pounds and am only down one size in pants. Unless, you know, I order them from freakin’ Old Navy and then I’m not even down that much. How is it that people have lost a significant amount less than me and are down 2 sizes? How, I ask you?! Even my trainer couldn’t answer that question when I was talking about it last night.

I realize that I carry a lot of my weight in my stomach and arse, but still. They have shrunk since I started this whole journey. I have the measurements to prove it.

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with my clothing situation, but I also can’t see any point in buying new things to supplement my winter clothes at this point – it’s February. We have, what, maybe another 4 weeks of cold weather? I can survive until then. Or at least until I’m walking down the hall and my pants fall off. At which time the ones from Old Navy should fit nicely.


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  1. i think it really depends on clothing brands, too. i think the measurements make a shit ton more sense than “pant size,” because the stores basically pull the sizing out of their ARSES. you’ve obviously lost weight and inches. clothing stores just need to stop having asinine sizes.

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