maybe you won't mean to, but you'll see me on the news

A typical week in the spring semester so far:
Monday: work, gym with trainer, stats homework
Tuesday: work, workout (either home or gym) stats homework
Wednesday: class, work, knitting, stats homework
Thursday: class, work, gym with trainer, breathe sigh of relief and take break from homework.
Friday: work, relax
Saturday: errands, gym, cleaning, etc. note absence of homework.
Sunday: knitting, relaxing.

And every Monday the cycle starts over.

I am feeling a little burnt out with school at the moment. I knew it was going to be a tough semester with both of my classes being stats classes, but I went with it anyway. It’s tougher because the classes are on consecutive days & one is the day after knit nite (I have refused to take classes that will cause me to miss it, I’m certainly not going to miss for some stinkin’ homework). Today, though, as I sat in class for the fourth hour, I was just DONE. My brain was fried, I don’t ever understand what he’s talking about in class although I mostly understand it when doing the homework problems, and I still had more homework for tomorrow’s class ahead of me. So I zoned out until I was released from stats prison.*

At the moment I’m feeling a little overextended with the time at the gym, the time with the friends, work, & classes. There isn’t an unreasonable amount of work in either class, really, it’s just that there is something to turn in every single week. And really, my schedule overall is not one that can’t be managed with TIME TO SPARE, I’m just not great at time management.

I’m also disappointed that I missed knitting tonight because I went to get my hair cut and colored. Don’t get me wrong, the hair is great now, but my schedule is such that I could get in tonight or I’d have to wait until the second week of March for an appointment. But I missed hanging out and knitting with my friends at my favorite LYS. I missed being part of the birthday celebration they had tonight.

There is no real point to this post. Just a bit of a whine. I’m hoping I can spend part of this weekend relaxing and that I’ll feel less burned out soon (just in time for another trip to the dentist for a possible cavity. yay.). Part of that relaxing will be allowing myself to sleep longer than I have for the past few weekends.

*I have discovered that classes more than 3 hours long are never a good idea. Especially when they run into lunchtime. I’m either starving or eating my lunch in class at that point, which means I’m just not that into the lecture anymore.


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  1. ah i totally understand. my schedule really isn’t THAT busy, but i can’t seem to manage my time well at all. i always feel like there’s too much going on to be social! ack! you’ll figure it out eventually. and i say that because i hope i can figure out my shit :)

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