no space to rent in this town

I had a dream last night that I was going on a cruise in 6 days, but I had forgotten to apply for a passport. In the dream, I assumed that somehow it would all work out. I woke up before anything was resolved.

I am currently having a love affair with Dream In Color’s sock yarn – Smooshy. It’s very smooshy and fabulous. It has that semi-solid coloring that I love so much, as well as being a joy to work with. I’m resisting the urge to rush out (or, more likely, shop somewhere online) to buy it in several more colors so that I can have some DIC socks in every color of the rainbow. But I have already broken the yarn diet and am trying to get back on the wagon, so no Smooshy for me at the moment.

I’ve been down with a cold this week, I spent a good chunk of yesterday in a fog, sneezing often and losing focus every 10 minutes. It’s a good thing that I can work in short bursts. But today, I am feeling mostly normal again.

Because of the cold, I haven’t been to the gym since Monday & I haven’t even worked out at home at all. I even canceled my appointment with my personal trainer on Thursday and have been playing phone tag with him ever since trying to reschedule it. I am not sure what the scale is going to say on Monday, but I think I’ve done okay for being a sloth. A sick and snotty sloth.

The food thing, though, is hard. Eating at work is what I’m finding the most difficult – I eat when I’m bored thinking it will give me a burst of energy, but that doesn’t always work. Lately I’ve been trying not to do that, or at least to replace those snacks with fruit instead of random food. Wednesdays & Thursdays are especially hard because I am in class through lunch & haven’t yet figured out what the best way to eat lunch on those days is. Which means that I usually wind up eating cafeteria food that is not all that healthy. I need ideas for healthy food that can sit in a lunch bag while I stare confusedly at my professors. I do okay “snacking” on fruit during class, but when it comes to lunch I am lost. I need something that I can prepare the night before, assuming that I actually remember to do it the night before. Suggestions are most welcome.