I walk along the city streets

Let’s talk about my weight loss/get healthy efforts for a moment.

I am officially down 22 1/2 pounds from my start weight. The past couple weeks were actually a bit discouraging because the scale wasn’t moving at all. I’m chalking that up to the building of muscle since I started with the personal trainer, who kicks my ass every time I see him. He tried to make me sprint Saturday. Sprint! Ha!

Other people have commented that they can tell a difference – my face looks thinner, etc – but I couldn’t really see it until, well, Saturday. There is no kind way to put this so I’m just going to say it – I looked down towards my feet and noticed that my belly fat didn’t stick out as much as it used to. So, there’s that. I had, of course, noticed (and mildly complained, but in a good way) about all my pants being too big. I noticed a sweater that was a smidge small last winter fits much nicer now. I noticed that the ring that I have worn nearly every day for the past 5 years is too big. But in the mirror I could tell no great difference until yesterday.

I was also able to rearrange my living room & flip over my mattress without help or bodily harm, which was nice. My living room, by the way, looks way roomier now than it did before I rearranged it. It was more out of necessity, but I like it so much better this way – I got a TV from Mindy that was bigger than my previous one, so it was sticking out too much from the wall & I needed more floor space.


3 thoughts on “I walk along the city streets

  1. 1) I heart rearranging – you’re totally making me wish I had my own place where I could rearrange at will.
    2) WTG with the 22+ pounds! That’s awesome – and how great to be able to see the changes, not just on the scale.

  2. that’s really great :) obviously i haven’t seen you in person so i can’t tell, but 22.5 pounds is awesome. and yes – you’re gaining muscle mass, so don’t be discouraged by the scale!

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