signed, sealed, delivered

I recently bit the bullet and got a new camera – a Canon Rebel. It’s nice, but will definitely take me some time to figure everything out. Naturally, once the battery charged up, I enlisted Ziggy the Wondercat for some practice photos.

I then got to thinking about my love of cameras and photography. I’ve always loved taking pictures, even as a kid – my first camera was a Pocket Instamatic and I’ve only gone up from there. I know I used that camera forever to take pictures of EVERYTHING. Mostly blurry pictures, but still pictures.

I know my next upgrade was to a 35mm point & shoot. I went through a few of those because I would lose them – the worst time was when I left the camera in a cab in Chicago, but didn’t realize it until the next morning. Oh, that sucked. I still mourn the loss of the pictures on that roll of film.

After that, I made sure to know where my camera was at all times.
At some point during college, I got two SLRs – the Canon FTb belonged to my uncle & was passed on to me by my mom, while the Pentax K1000 was a gift from my dad. The Olympus p&s replaced the one I lost in Chicago, but there aren’t many good stories with it since I got my first digital shortly after that.

Oh, my first digital camera. It was from Gateway, 4MP, very bulky, & it took forever to actually focus and take a photo. It’s a wonder I ever got good photos with it, but I did. In fact, two of my favorite shots came from that camera (click to embiggen):
chicago 32.JPGLilies
Eventually, though, I phased that one out and picked up my trustworthy Olympus SP-350, which has been with me for a few years now and has taken many great pictures and a lot of yarn and knitting pictures. All the pictures I’ve posted here for the past 3 years or so were taken with that camera (minus, of course, the ones that have been scanned in from my younger days) and it has served me well. My trusty Olympus will probably still hit the road for short trips with me, of course, but I just wanted a little more control over my pictures.

A few months ago I also picked up a trusty Olympus P&S to stash in my purse for those random photograph emergencies – when you see something you want to take a picture of and wish you had a camera for. It’s also the perfect size for taking into a concert for snapshots, not that I’ve had that opportunity since I got it, but that was one of the considerations when purchasing.

There’s just something about the weight of a camera around your neck, taking pictures of whatever strikes your fancy. I so want to spend some time walking around the city on a Spring weekend taking pictures of St. Louis. I’ve wanted to do this for a few years now and just haven’t made the time. But I think with the new camera, the time might be soon.


5 thoughts on “signed, sealed, delivered

  1. Ok, I can’t find one camera and you have pictures (no less!) of six cameras?! Sheesh.

    The tiger lily picture is gorgeous, btw. It needs to be yarn.

    • Well, 3 of them are film cameras. :)

      The lilies actually turned into a tattoo on my foot (well, a very similar picture of the same 2 lilies, but zoomed out a bit so you could see the whole flowers).

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