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Earlier this week I was a little vigorous swinging the power cord of my MacBook* around and I hit one of my keys and broke it off. So Saturday found me headed to the Galleria to get a new key on the keyboard.

It was fairly quick and painless, although they did not have a black key to replace it with, so I now have a white ‘command’ key on my keyboard. I think it gives him a bit of mystery, this random white key.
Replacement Key
(Side note: How on earth do I keep the cat fur off my computer? It’s almost as much of a magnet for it as my yarn. SHEESH.)

Anyway, the thing about this particular Apple Store is that, while small, it is ideally situated in the mall for me. It’s directly between the Lush store and Sephora. And since I was right there, I naturally went to all three stores. I bought myself a little Ocean Salt, Lemony Flutter, & Godiva solid shampoo at Lush – all three products that I think are fantastic. In fact, if you need something for your cuticles, get thee some Lemony Flutter – they’ll thank you.

The trip to Sephora was uneventful – just exchanging some products I didn’t like, although perhaps that’s worth a mention – the great thing about Sephora is that you can return products after you’ve tried them & just exchange them for something else, even if you’ve lost the reciept. It cost me all of $2 to go in there Saturday.

The rest of my weekend was fairly uneventful – watched several movies** while finishing the body of my February Lady Sweater, did some homework, ate the most fabulous sweet potato in the known universe, you know, same old same old. Oh, I did get a replacement for my broken copy of Labyrinth, so that’s good. Just can’t live in a world where I can’t watch Labyrinth on a whim, you know? :)

On a final unrelated note, Friday (the 23rd) marked 5 years since I started this blog. I’ve been through a few hosts, switched from Moveable Type to WordPress, and (at the moment) average about 70 people coming through here a day. So, thank you to all who read and comment. I do appreciate it. It’s been an interesting journey thus far.

*Who still needs a name. I’m playing with Fitz at the moment. Thoughts?

** I stopped by Blockbuster after I was done at the mall and picked up a few oldies but goodies including You’ve Got Mail (mentioned in the previous post) and So I Married An Axe Murderer.

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