Remember when you thought Frank might be the Unabomber?

So, it’s weird.

I am watching You’ve Got Mail again. Because I love this movie (even though I don’t own a copy) & I quite enjoy Meg Ryan pre-Botox.

Anyway, there’s a part of it where Meg Ryan’s character is decorating a Christmas tree & talking about missing her mother. And, well, at the same time, I missed my mother.

It’s still odd that here, 3 years and 4 months later, it still hits at the oddest moments.

I wonder how she would feel about our new President. My parents obviously helped shape my political views, although I believe I am more liberal than either of them. Would she be as excited about the prospect of what can be accomplished in the next 4 years? This has nothing to do with the movie or anything, but it’s also something I thought about earlier this week during the inauguration, the day after what would have been her 57th birthday.


3 thoughts on “Remember when you thought Frank might be the Unabomber?

  1. hugs.

    and i’m sorry, but i can’t help but think “where are my tic-tacs?!” every time i think of that movie.

  2. My mom’s been gone almost 24 years and it still hits me at weird random moments. I have a lot I’d like to ask her now that I’m getting older; sometimes I’m almost ready to pick up the phone when I remember I can’t

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