You're hot then you're cold*

I was doing a bit of cleaning today & decided to change my shower curtain in the bathroom. As I was stepping down to admire my work, the curtain rod banged down with a clatter. I can’t even figure out how it was attached to the wall in the first place since they didn’t seem to screw it in. Glue, maybe? Doesn’t really matter because I am currently without a real way to keep water from spraying all over my bathroom when I need to shower tomorrow.


*I do not like this song**, but I don’t have the ability to choose my own music today and the radio insists on making me listen to it almost as much as Nickelback. In fact, I was forced to listen to Creed earlier in the day just because I was unable to get to the radio in time to change the station.

**In fact, I don’t know that I really like Katy Perry. I feel that she has a voice that would not have gotten her to Hollywood if she auditioned for American Idol. I find her annoying, really. But other people out there like her, so who am I to judge.


5 thoughts on “You're hot then you're cold*

  1. Is it a tension rod? You just need to twist it back out if it is. Also, you can go pick up a tension rod, I’ve had many of those in the bathrooms I’ve had

    • It is not a tension rod – I have a lot of experience knocking them down, too. I am not good with the tension rods, either – I can’t get them to actually stay up. Mine was actually attached to the wall somehow, so they’ll have to come fix it tomorrow.

  2. I hate Nickelback. And yes, the radio does insist on playing them entirely too much. And Creed majorly sucks.
    But Katy Perry…I have to admit I secretly like the two songs of hers that are on the radio :)

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