these are just a couple of my cravings

So, back when I was in Detroit and we stopped by the Ford Museum for chocolate, I bought a sample pack of Vosges chocolates in addition to my full-sized Mo’s Bacon Bar. Well, around Christmas I realized that the sample pack was still sitting around untouched, so I took it into work for a sampling party that stretched out over several days. Of course, I took pictures & notes to share.

Vosges Chocolate Variety Pack
My “reviews” are in order of the pictures – right to left, top to bottom.

Red Fire Bar:
According to coworker Kim, this one leaves a “nice little tingle on your tongue” You can definitely taste the cinnamon, the chilies are present, but are kind of a smoky/spicy flavor in the background.

Naga Bar:
Upon opening, we could definitely smell the curry. Curry taste was also very present in the bar itself (and after the bar was consumed). The coconut provided texture, but I couldn’t really taste it – the curry flavor dominated the bar, but was still quite good & an interesting flavor.

Black Pearl Bar:
This one had a slight wasabi tingle, although I didn’t taste much of the ginger. I did get a sesame seed stuck in my teeth, though. I also found a full-sized version of this one at Whole Foods & gave it to Mindy‘s boy for the holidays.

Barcelona Bar:
YUM. Salty almondy chocolately goodness. MINE.

Oaxaca Bar:
Feels a little like eating baking chocolate with a bit of spice. The chocolate was too bitter for my liking.

Woolloomooloo Bar:
Quite the contrast from Oaxaca – a lighter chocolate, sweeter and yummy. The nuts, coconut, & hemp seeds mix well together. No one flavor is overpowering, although the texture of the coconut is more noticeable than that of the nuts/seeds.

Macha Bar:
I failed to take notes on this one & I don’t remember anything special about it – the green tea didn’t seem to add any special flavor to me, although the deep milk chocolate they use is fantastic.

Gianduja Bar:
Very sweet, the caramelized hazelnuts add a bit of that toffee crunch (but not too much). Yummy.

Creole Bar:
Um, bittersweet chocolate, cocoa nibs, & chicory coffee? I do not like the three together. Again, felt like I was eating baking chocolate with a bit of coffee grounds in it. Not a fan.

I seem to prefer the milk chocolate items. Go figure.

The sample pack was, of course, expensive, but it came with 9 very different bars in very different flavors. I love the mixture of salty & sweet together, so the Barcelona bar was my favorite. I would also consider buying the Naga & Wooloomooloo Bars again as they were both good and stick out in my memory as delicious.

(Even though I am getting healthy & such, there is always room for a little bit of chocolate in my life. Maybe not as much as before, but a little bit. I might as well make it the good stuff, right?)


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  1. ummm i don’t know what a bacon bar is, but it sounds not very appetizing!

    i don’t share your love for chocolate, but i’ll try some!

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