I'm falling into this

Thanks, everyone for the great comments on the previous post (both here & in person). I meant to reply to y’all earlier, but time got away from me.

At the moment I’m feeling a bit discouraged by the number on the scale – it says I’ve gained something like 5 pounds in the last week. I’m sure it’s either muscle, hormones, or something wrong with my scale, but it still bugs me. I have a workout with my trainer tonight during which I fully expect my ass to get kicked, then I will go home and watch Bob & Jillian kick some other people’s asses on The Biggest Loser.

Speaking of the Biggest Loser, by the end of the last season I was not intending to watch the new group. But then they had the teasers – the 19 year old kid who weighed something like 475 pounds & the heaviest woman they’ve ever had on the show – they got me hook line & sinker, man. Which means I’m hooked for another few months. Of course. At least I have an excuse to ignore American Idol for the time being.

Anyway, while I’m feeling discouraged at the moment, I’m also still determined to make the changes I need to make. I just printed out my “food diary” for the past week (at the request of my trainer) and I can see some patterns in my eating habits. Coffee in the morning (with/during breakfast) means I eat more food during the day. Skipping breakfast (as I did Sunday because of an early lunch date with my dad) also means I snack more throughout the day. PMS means I eat everything I can get my hands on, even if I’m not really that hungry. It’s one thing to actually track my calories, but another to look at what I’ve eaten over time and really think about it.

Also, I love carbs a little too much.


4 thoughts on “I'm falling into this

  1. I’m tracking what I eat (and the calories) too. It helps, I think, keep me accountable for what and how much I’m eating (although I fell off the wagon yesterday).

    My downfall is carbs, too.

    Congrats on all the lbs lost!

  2. i don’t own a scale. i used to weigh myself all the time and get depressed and when it finally broke (thank god it was my husband that broke and not me, LOL!) i refused to buy another one.

    it’s not the number i’m looking for, it’s the clothes getting looser and having more energy.

    don’t get discouraged. have fun hating your trainer later :P

  3. Scales are evil! Go by how you feel, and how your clothes are fitting. If you must weigh yourself, it’s better to do it infrequently (once a month)… :)

  4. oh come on, i love american idol! :)
    sorry you’re feeling discouraged, but you should still feel very proud of yourself. you’re doing such a great job and you’re making a huge effort to change your exercise and eating habits! there are going to be times when the scale goes up, but i hope that you’re feeling good. stay positive!!!

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