We can live beside the ocean

As it happens at the end of every year, it is time to look back on the resolutions for the past year and see how I did.

But before I get to that, let’s do a little chat about the year in general. It’s been at bit strange, at least for the past few months. In making the decisions that are leading me to a healthier lifestyle, I have completely changed my outlook on my health, weight, and life. In the past, I just wouldn’t put out the effort to make the changes that getting healthier required. But now that I am moving toward healthier eating habits and exercise, I find that it becomes a habit and doesn’t require that much extra effort. There are still times when I fall off the workout wagon and forget how good I feel after I actually workout, but I always jump back on. The best part – I hit a milestone this week. I have officially lost 20 pounds. I am about 4 pounds away from losing that first 10% of my body weight. And you know what? It feels kinda awesome to know that I can do this.

With that said, let’s attack the resolutions. Original resolutions are in italics with my current comments after.

  • Cut down on the amount of fast food I eat, eventually leading to not really eating it at all. I have rocked the socks off of this one. I haven’t completely cut out fast food and I don’t think that I will, but I have limited what I eat and where I eat. I make sure that I know the calories & fat I’m putting into my body before I even go someplace. Sometimes I’ll still choose to eat something really bad, but I am at least aware of it now, as opposed to before when I would just order a Quarter Pounder without thinking about it. As a side note: Did y’all know that Burger King has eliminated trans fats from their cooking oils? Good news for everyone, there.
  • Eat more veggies/eat healthier. Um, see above. I sometimes actually crave veggies now. Also, I have mostly cut high fructose corn syrup out of my diet – I still succumb to the call of the occasional Dr. Pepper and I don’t worry about it as much when I’m not at home, but for the most part it’s gone. And I don’t really miss it (well, except for the occasional Dr. Pepper).
  • Continue with the daily photo on the blog. Ha! Oh, yeah. This was not a good idea unless it was going to turn into the Daily Ziggy. While I think he is the cutest cat on the planet, I don’t think that the rest of the world would agree (or care).
  • Knitting goals:
    • Finish projects within a year of casting on. If it’s not done, rip it out (totally stole this one from Kathy). I think I’ve accomplished this one. It became less about the time requirement and more about taking a long look at a project if it had been lingering too long and deciding if I really wanted to finish it. So, I have both frogged and finished projects this year.
    • Finish the projects that are all currently on the needles (like my Wicked sweater). I don’t even remember what else was on the needles last year at this time, but I did finish the sweater. And then I realized it was too short and the sleeves were funny. And then I realized that with the previously mentioned weight loss, the sweater is too big. (See the previous post for more on this.)
  • Sewing goals:
    • Finish making the quilt I have started and make a second one I already have fabric for. I have discovered that I don’t have the stamina for large quilts. Baby quilts I can handle, but something for my bed? Not so much. I did finish the halloween quilt top, though.
    • Help Kathy meet her goal of learning to sew. We didn’t do so hot on this one.
  • Find a job. CHECK! Found job in February, even if it did take forever for me to get the permanent position.
  • Go on a date. I put this on here because it seemed to work last time. This time, not so much. Unless I magically go on a date in the next 72 hours. Which I don’t see happening. So, yeah. Not so much.

As for the other big resolution of the year – the yarn diet – well, that didn’t go so well. I did good until about June, I think. That’s when we realized that Stitches wasn’t going to happen this year for various reasons and it kind of went to hell in a handbasket. However, I do plan to try the yarn diet again in 2009. It’s not going to be as restrictive, but I have so much yarn to use and I still have about half of my Christmas gift certificate left that should cover most of my yarn needs for a while. The big thing – no more sock yarn (with the exception of my Plucky Classics subscription). I don’t need it, especially since I haven’t been doing socks much lately.


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  1. looks like you did really well, congratulations! 20lbs is a big milestone – that’s really awesome. are you going to come up with some new resolutions for 2009? i got the idea of a yarn diet from you, and i’m happy to say i really stuck to it! i’ll probably do it again for 2009 – only buy yarn if i have a particular project in mind. and don’t worry, i haven’t gone on a date either :)

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