like a lollipop

There has been a casualty in my journey to better health. It was a sweater, the first one I knit. Back in August, I had ripped some back because I needed to fix a couple things before I would actually wear it (sleeves were too big & it was too short), but never got around to doing it.

After a discussion with Kim & Kathy during knitting today, I decided I should try on the sweater again just to make sure it still fit. And, well, it didn’t. It was kinda huge. Not so much in the front, but I had a lot of extra room in the back. I probably could have fit a small child in there with me at this point.*

RIP, Wicked.** You were a good first sweater.

In other knitting news, I finished a second beret.
purple beret 2
Same pattern as the last – Le Slouch. Yarn was Malabrigo Worsted in Hollyhock I got for my birthday. Double chin not a requirement for successful beret wearing.

*Possibly an exaggeration, but I definitely could have fit Ziggy the Wondercat in there with me.

**There is always the chance that Wicked will get knit again, but not out of the same yarn. I learned quite a bit about the importance of dye lots with this one, too.


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