and so this is Christmas

I have alluded to the weekend I spent sewing up many project to get them ready for the holidays. And now that they have all been given, I can share them with you.

First up was a stocking I made for our knitting potluck/gift exchange.
Megan's StockingMegan's Stocking
I made this for Megan, who (as it turns out) didn’t have a stocking of her own and was thinking about asking me to make one for her anyway. It was kismet that it happened that way. I actually still have 2 stockings left to make this week for my Dad & his GF, I picked up some fabric for them this weekend and will work on them tomorrow evening.

Mindy's BagKim's BagKathy's Bag - detail
The bags – for Mindy, Kim, & Kathy. I used the Birdie Sling pattern again and Amy Butler’s Swing Bag pattern for Kim’s bag. There are more pictures and details about the bags in my flickr Christmas set.

Kathy's CD Pocket

Finally, I made this CD pocket for Kathy & filled it up with some fun cds. I used the “CD Poket” tutorial found here. You might notice that it matches her bag perfectly.

I spent my weekend working on some knitting projects. Today I finally finished up the secret knitting project, which I will be able to share as soon as it reaches it’s final destination. So, yay!