flies in the vasoline we are

Last night I drove to Festus for a hair appointment. I left with a bit of a funkier cut and color than I came in with. I have purple highlights, on purpose. I wanted to do something a little different and purple came to mind. So, there’s that.
Why yes, it is purple

I came home from my appointment and brief trip to Target to find that, once again, Mr. Ziggy vomited on my floor. Third time this week. He is acting completely fine, even running around and playing, other than the vomit. On Day 1, there were bits of my Christmas tree in it. Bits of my ARTIFICIAL Christmas tree. But he also tends to snarf his food when he gets it. So I figure he is either eating too fast, has a hairball trying to work it’s way free, or might be trying to expel more bits of tree. Whatever it is, I took his food away last night and will slowly start reintroducing it to him to make sure that it isn’t something he’s eating at the moment causing a problem. In the meantime, I will be borrowing Mindy’s carpet shampooer again and doing some carpet cleaning. I think I might need to get one of my own soon. Oy.

This has been my week.

Tonight, however, is the gift exchange between the girls, so I’m excited about that. We’ll also be gorging on Chinese food and watching the Muppets holiday thing that was on tv Wednesday while we were knitting. I may finish the secret knitting project this weekend, although I will not be mailing it until after Christmas at this point.


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