don't let me get away

I should probably call it a night and go to bed, but I came home from work early today because of a migraine (or a headache. Either way, I went to bed with said headache last night and it returned this morning) and then took a long nap.

Once I woke up and recovered from my random stomach issues (seriously, the IBS is completely random anymore), I hit Target to pick up some things I needed for life & the holidays. I was also able to knock out a present I needed for the family gift exchange while I was there, so I can mark that off the list.

The weekend is going to be busy. I have many sewing projects I need to complete – I finished the first tonight, I have a knitting project I need to spend some time with on Sunday, a potluck on Sunday that I need to make a soup for, presents to wrap, laundry to do, and just some general cleaning of the apartment needs done.

I feel like I’m going to be busy until after Christmas. I’ve also offered to make some stockings for my dad and his gf, but told them I wouldn’t be able to do anything until next weekend. I’m also working a few extra hours a week while I’m not in classes, which takes up some of my free time (although the extra moolah will be nice).

I have no way to end this. Thank you and goodnight!