work it out, we can work it out baby

I’ve had a rough couple weeks on the exercise/food front with the end of the semester. I still managed to shed a few pounds (at least up until last week, but I haven’t weighed myself to see the damage yet) and get myself past the 15 pounds lost overall point. So, yay!

I’m trying to get everything back on track, but I’m still having issues with certain foods – it’s hard to cook from fresh when you’re just one person. So much of the fresh stuff will go bad before I get around to eating it that I get discouraged and also feel bad about wasting the food. I have discovered that I actually like making and eating fresh veggie stir fry (even if it didn’t like me last week. OY), so that’s something.

I’m also trying to figure out the best way to take a healthier lunch in to the office so I’m not eating at the cafe all the time – it’s not exactly the healthiest food there, but it’s really the easiest/only option I have if I don’t take my lunch in. And since the chances of me actually getting up early enough to make lunch are nil, well, I need to come up with something. Hell, this morning I barely got up early enough to grab my leftovers and fruit from the fridge before leaving for work.*

I’m also considering joining a gym and hitting that up at least a few times a week on the way home from work. That could get me out of my exercise rut and get me doing something a little different. I did actually workout last night and found that, while I was tired by the end of my workout I was also ready to keep going. I think this means that it’s time to add the next level of the program on when I go back to it tonight. I still have trouble with parts of the dvd I’m using, but that’s more because I have NO UPPER BODY STRENGTH and can’t do push ups, much less hold myself in pushup position for longer than about 2 seconds. (Note to self: Strength training is your friend.)

While I’ve noticed that my clothes are fitting differently, I can’t really see the difference. I’ll be excited when I can really tell a difference in the mirror.

Look at me, all talking about working out and eating right. WHO AM I???

*Shall we talk about how I left my house with 5 minutes to get to work and also forgot that I had no gas in the car? No? I thought not.


10 thoughts on “work it out, we can work it out baby

  1. Congrats on 15 pounds! Good for you.

    I always have trouble with the lunch thing too. Do you have a fridge at work where you can keep stuff? I do, so I’ll buy one of those things of soup from TJ and keep it in there for the week. I like to do this with hummus and cut-up veggies too. That way I only have to remember to grab it on Monday. But it does get boring to eat the same thing every day for a week…

  2. Congrats! I make dinner and freeze portions in the gladware containers. It works really great for lunches. I also use a lot of frozen veggies, they are easier and still have all their nutrients since they are flash frozen really close to where they are picked generally.

  3. you’re doing great. good for you! maybe you need more variety in your workouts, or longer workouts…sounds like you’re ready for it. i think strength training is so important, but my upper body is also really weak compared to my lower body. good luck!

  4. For a year or so I subscribed to

    They have a body clutter menu mailer and it can be set up for 2 people, a great way to not have a million leftovers.

    Every week you get a menu for the week & a grocery list. It also included suggestions for healthy, quick lunches and breakfasts. You could also use that 2nd serving for your lunch.

    I found it worth the money & the dishes were really good, even for a food snob like me.

  5. You know me and TJ’s I love their frozen veggies, The green beans are actually fresh! I need more fresh food too, its harder in the winter. Next time I hit the asian market I think I’ll buy my weight in chinese brocolli.

  6. Dude, you are awesome. Sounds like you are on the right track. I think half the battle is being mindful of what you eat and your activity level, at least that’s what I’ve observed in the past few weeks of trying to get back into shape.

    I would consider joining a gym, or at least trying to incorporate strength training in at home. The more muscle you have, the better your metabolism is. Plus, good gyms have a plethora of free classes. Even though we have a (crappy) gym at work, I considered buying a membership somewhere just for the classes, but I can do yoga at home if I want. Wait, you’re a student–does your school have a rec center? They have weights and classes, usually.

    Ditto on TJ’s boxed soups and leftovers. It’s easier to cook a bigger batch and have leftovers; you just have to make sure it’s stuff you actually want to eat as a leftover. I do a package of hummus and one of baby carrots or other crudite, too.

    Okay, end of unsolicited advice. Keep up the awesomeness.

  7. Kara! Congrats! It sounds like you are way on track (much more than us other slackers!)

    My only suggestion with a gym would be to make sure to join one with classes. I have found that I am more likely to go to a class (spinning, cardio kick, etc) than just going to the gym to run or what not.

    On the food part, I know what you mean, being single and all. I go through phases where I’ll eat out for one paycheck and then only eat in for one paycheck. My friend will cook a bunch of chicken on Sunday afternoons (baked, grilled, etc) and put it in with healthy lunches all week. He’ll make rice or noodles and veggies to go with his main dishes while he cooks dinner each night.

    Anyway, good luck and keep it up!

    ps The stockings are SO cute!

  8. Here’s the suggestion I got from my trainer on pushups. Concentrate on slowly lowering yourself to the ground at first. I still can’t do pushups without being on my knees instead of my toes but now I can do 15 pushups in a row when before I could only do a couple. Also, try lying on your back and push weights up toward the ceiling. It’s the same motion and works the same muscles.

  9. Let me tell ya the secret to push ups, a yoga ball, that way you can postion how much weight to allow your body, and work up slowly.

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