I need something to hold on to.

On Friday last week, I was poking around the Apple website checking out their one-day sale. I knew I was going to need to replace Finley the iBook soon – as in I was planning to buy a new computer in January at the latest – so when the email came in, I checked it out.

The original plan was to get just the basic new MacBook. But then I started looking at the refurbished models they had available (which come with the same warranty and option for the AppleCare plan) and found a lovely black MacBook – larger hard drive, more memory, larger monitor/keyboard, and prettier than the new ones available. Oh, and it was about $300 less than the new one I was looking at, even with the sale.

So I put it in my cart and walked away for 20 minutes or so. Then I came back and looked everything over again and clicked the scary scary “buy” button. After which I felt a little queasy for a few minutes.

My shiny new boy came via FedEx yesterday and I’m a little in love with him.

Pretty, right? Y’know, once you go Mac you never want to go back. At least that’s my opinion.

Although I probably didn’t need the built in camera. Because then I do things like this with it:

Now if I can just get Ferris the iPod working normally again, I’ll be set.


One thought on “I need something to hold on to.

  1. Ha! I saw you tweeted that you kissed your computer and had to come check it out.

    You’re lucky, I’m still on an old Powerbook :-/

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