let me look around

I finished my paper last night around 6:30 and put it away for the night. I reread it this morning, fixed a few grammar mistakes (and one sentence without an ending, but with a period), and sent it off to the prof as done. Not good, but done. Also not the worst thing I’ve ever written. So there’s that.

I did not go in to work today – I decided yesterday to take the whole day off and work a full day on Friday instead of working 2 half days this week. This way I am home to get my FedEx delivery (eek!) and also to work on my final.

*sigh.* The final. It is a “take home” final, yes, but it is 3 essay questions. I despise essay questions because I will inevitably forget to cover some aspect of the question or just get tired of answering the question and stop writing. In fact, you could say that this post is me procrastinating on working on the final. I feel kind of whiny about it, but dude. I DON’T WANNA DO IT. There, that is out of my system.

I will leave you with this picture of the family Guitar Hero band from Thanksgiving. I did a bit of dancing while I was the singer – you can’t not dance if you’re the singer, folks.
Guitar Hero