Day 30/30: In which I decorate for Christmas.

I did a bit of holiday decorating this weekend, which also included making my own stocking because I couldn’t find one I liked enough to buy it.
I used a free pattern I found doing a quick search for “free stocking pattern” or something like that. It came from a fairly well known pattern maker, so I didn’t think too much about it (other than needing to upsize the pattern as it said to – thanks to Mindy that was done) until I went to start sewing today. There is clearly a cuff on my stocking. There is a cuff in every picture of the stocking in the pattern. The pattern has no pattern piece for a cuff. So I had to make that part up myself. I also modified the contrast heel and toe to be present on both sides of the stocking instead of just one – I thought it would look more complete that way. :)

The fabrics are all from Michael Miller – the main fabric and lining are both from his Christmas collection, I think the other is from a different collection but matches perfectly.

A couple of the knitting girls suggested making some to sell on etsy, which I at first said “nah” to, but depending on how the week goes with finishing my classes, I may see if I can knock a few out to list up there next weekend.

I also put up a tree for the first time in YEARS. I can’t remember last time I put up my own tree – last year’s pink tinsel number doesn’t really count – so it was fun to put up a tree again, even if it is a bit short. It’s also decorated primarily in Target’s Be Merry collection with the exception of a very few ornaments. There are a few more pictures of my decorations here, if you are so inclined.

I actually brought home from Gunsmoke 2 plastic totes of my holiday decorations, out of those I kept 1 small box of ceramic ornaments that my mom had made and a tree skirt. I had previously rescued a ceramic Santa that my mom had made from the yard sale pile. So now I have 2 boxes worth of holiday decor to send to Goodwill.

I would love to tell you more about my decorations, but I have a paper demanding I write a good portion of it before it gets too late tonight.