Day 28/30: walking into spiderwebs

My Thanksgiving was good – I do enjoy spending time with my family, although I get tired after a few hours and want to go home. After eating delicious food, we played a bit of Guitar Hero – it was the full band edition. I started on drums, which are HARD, then moved to bass, then I got to live out my rock star dreams as the singer for our family band. There are pictures that my aunt is going to send to me sometime, I’m sure I will share them then.

This is Bella – she belongs to my cousins A&R. I love her a little, except that she doesn’t get along with my aunt’s dog Saydie.

I left there and stopped by my friend Dawn’s parents place to say hi to her and them (they live down the street from my aunt) and to see her new baby girl. We don’t get to see each other as often as either of us would like – she still lives down in JeffCo and has a husband and two kids and I just don’t get down there often enough with work and school. Hopefully we’ll be able to remedy that sometime, though.

After I got home and rested for a brief moment, I headed to Mindy’s for a dessert gathering, which was fun and yummy.

I hope y’all are having a great weekend.