Day 20/30: stop a bullet cold

In addition to talking about random odd stuff at knitting last night, there was also a Wonder Woman* re-enactment.

You see, Deborah was making some i-cord garland that really looked a lot like Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth. Rachel noticed it first and successfully commandeered the lasso for her superhero-like knitting abilities.
Rachel & Her Lasso of Truth

She then used her powers to lasso Kim into submission.
Rachel lasso-ing Kim

After which she had to go back to her secret identity. I would tell you who that is, but then I’d have to kill you.

In related news, I had knitting issues last night, so I am now going to unknit several rows of my February Lady Sweater. I didn’t MAKE the mistakes last night, but I did discover them. And if I rip the lace section out, I will not start over. So I figure I should just unknit a few rows and get it going right again. *sigh*

*As a random note – I know that WW is on DVD and for some reason I haven’t bothered to add it to my Netflix queue. I need to do this. Because I loved me some WW back in the day.


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