Day 19/30: This post rated PG-13 for mature themes.

So, we were at knitting tonight (which, hi, by the way – HUGE ASS GROUP OF KNITTERS TONIGHT, which was awesome) and got to talking about things, as we usually do.

Somehow (who knows how these things happen – although in this case, I think it was Mindy), we started talking about breasts and the different consistencies of them. Y’know, how some women have lumpy breasts, some have pretty dense breasts, some aren’t so dense, and I’m sure there are many more options.

Really, as women, the majority of us don’t feel up others to know what other breasts feel like. For the group of us having this discussion, it would require a major lifestyle change to feel other women’s breasts. And, well, that’s not a road I’m willing to travel.

I might as well just invite the freaks in with this one, right. Okay, BOOBS.

But think about it, when you go for your yearly well-woman exam, your doctor will feel around to make sure there aren’t any abnormal lumps – he or she knows what to look for and generally knows a just regularly dense or lumpy breast from a lump that is problematic. They have a frame of reference. We, the women who are supposed to do our monthly self-exams, don’t have a frame of reference when we start checking things out.

As Kathy so astutely pointed out, there are many posters showing the different stages of development when one is pregnant, there are pictures of all sorts of different medical issues (eye diseases, cancers, etc.), there are brochures that even tell you how to do the breast self-exam. But are there any readily available items that will allow you to feel the different types of breasts so you know what you’re dealing with? Something to compare your own to? Not all of us feel each other up like in The Sweetest Thing – I imagine that a good chunk of women out there have only felt the one set of breasts and if you’re naturally lumpy, that can make things difficult.

I have no recommendations or ideas for a way to help out the lumpy girls. It’s just a little something that comes up in conversation when you’re knitting in public.