Day 18/30: Rambling

I have writers block. No, not the kind that would keep my word count here down, but the kind that is jeapordizing my ability to write a paper I have due on Friday. So, I figure, why not get the daily post out of the way at the moment.

I jumped back on the workout wagon last night and OW. My ass is sore. I picked up a new DVD at Target the other day – one of the Biggest Loser ones – and even though I’m just on Level 1, OW. 24 hours later and my muscles are still sore from the workout. It wore me out, too. I was breathing heavy and sweating after the first 5 minutes. So I guess I’ll pop that back in the DVD player tonight.

On a related note: I actually gained 3 pounds back over the 2 weeks when I didn’t exercise. I actually expected it to be worse after the way I ate last week, so there’s that. But that’s 3 pounds I have to get rid of again.

And with that, I’m going back to trying to write this paper. It’s either that or I regale you with tales of my cat and nobody really wants that at the moment.