Day 15/30: I feel a change

I have eaten like absolute crap for the past week. I have no real reason for this, I just ate poorly. Lunch seemed to be my downfall – over the week I ate a bacon cheeseburger, pizza loaded with meat, and chinese food. On Friday I ate a delicious sammich from the mini-cafeteria downstairs from my class. A delicious 760 calorie sammich. Oy. And I KNEW it was that bad, but ate the entire thing anyway. Along with the excessive calorie consumption this week, I’ve also had too much fat and too much salt.

There has also been a serious lack of exercise this week as I continued to recover from my idiotic injury, although I was feeling much better by Wednesday and still did not take the time to workout any remaining day of the week. I have no excuses. I was tired and went to bed early is not a good excuse. Being stressed because of the presentations on my plate are also not good excuses. The only good reason I had was an injury, and since that is better, I have no reason not to get started again, even if at a slower pace than previously.

I expect no sympathy for my choices over the last week (or two) and fully expect that the scale will not give me sympathy on Monday morning. I write this merely to remind myself that I kinda sucked at the whole new lifestyle this week.

This week is just a reminder that it’s easy to fall back into poor eating habits. I need to find something easy, quick, and healthy to take to work for both breakfast and lunch. I need to jump back on the exercise wagon and burn some calories. And not only do I need to do these things, I want to do them. So, today I get back on the wagon.


2 thoughts on “Day 15/30: I feel a change

  1. Delurking to say: don’t be too hard on yourself, because it’s bad for morale. As a woman who is in the weight battle with you, I know that there are times that we all slip up. But as long as we “get back up on the horse” to borrow a corny phrase or “keep on truckin” to borrow an even cornier phrase, we’re still in the game. Progress isn’t always linear. Keep it up. When you lose a large percentage of your overall weight, you are not going to believe the ways in which it changes your life. Things that you never even thought of before you will recognize as tremendous positive changes. Nothing really worth having is ever easy to obtain (or maintain). All the best to you!

  2. I totally sympathize. The cool thing is that you SEE it. Half the time I don’t see it until I’m at the end of a bag of chips or feeling so ill at the end of a week of crap eating and the lighbulb comes on. What drives me is how much better I feel eating healthy and excercising. Sure I bitch a lot but in the end I’m a happier person (okay, since I bitch a lot that is kind of scary).

    Getting back into it is just as hard or even harder than starting, so stop being so hard on yourself and pick up your pantlegs ;) You are doing awesome overall, so look at the overall picture. Also, sorry for the yummy food last night! Haha!

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